Lack of reverse vending options for whole of LGA

State MP for Lakemba, Jihad Dib, at a Riverwood manual over-the-counter recycling point at Diamond Shine carwash.

Story appeared in: Torch | December 20th, 2017

TWO reverse vending machines and an automated depot, capable of taking hundreds of recyclable containers at a time, are within a few kilometres of each other in Revesby and Bass Hill, while Canterbury Bankstown's eastern suburbs has none.
State Labor MP for Lakemba, Jihad Dib, has questioned why the western suburbs of Canterbury Bankstown is well-served with reverse vending machines, under the NSW Government's container deposit scheme, Return and Earn, while his electorate - in the east - has just three collection points, all of which are the manual over-the-counter points.
Mr Dib says that while the cost of drinks will increase due to the scheme, most people will not have convenient access to a location to get their 10 cent refund, while the price increase on drinks puts extra pressure on retailers.
"There seems to be no rhyme or reason to the allocation of collection points," Mr Dib said.
"This is totally unfair to local residents, businesses and their staff in the Lakemba electorate," he said.
Overall there are less than 20 drop-off points in the 72sqkm Canterbury Bankstown LGA, with a population of 345,000 residents.
Meanwhile Environment Minister Gabrielle Upton has announced reverse vending machines will be rolled out at Coles' supermarkets across the State in the new year.
People will have an option to receive the refund from Coles, use the refund for in-store credit, or donate to a charity. The participating store locations will be finalised in January.
State Liberal MP for East Hills, Glenn Brookes, said more than eight million beverage containers have been returned across the state since the scheme started on December 1.
Mr Brookes said the rollout of collection points will grow, which will help reduce litter and through the donations options, help groups and charities.
"In East Hills via the Revesby reverse vending machine, more than 53,000 drink containers have been returned," Mr Brookes said.
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