Yannie pushes bike to limits

In only his second year, Padstow Heights Superbike rider, Yanni Shaw is turning heads.

Story appeared in: Torch | October 3rd, 2017

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Shaw is sitting in second position in the ASBK with the last round of the series in Phillip Island. In the Australasian series he is sitting first in the 300cc Production class with the last two rounds in Sydney early November.
"When I'm on the bike it is just me and the bike. I am in full control and nobody can tell me what to do. The adrenaline rush is also great. That atmosphere when you are at a race track or a race meeting is awesome," he said.
"Like everybody it would be great to get on the world stage. We have the pace to run up the front and win races in Australia but to race in either World Superbikes or Motogp is the ultimate goal.
"I will keep pushing as hard as I can to attract sponsors and teams that watch and look out for talent in the Australian series."
For now though, the talented rider has his sights firmly set on the Australian Superbike Series.

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