Best students recognised

Some of the ‘High Achievers’ in the 2016 HSC at Picnic Point High School.

Story appeared in: Torch | February 27th, 2017

PICNIC Picnic Point High School celebrated the achievements of their 2016 HSC students with a morning tea.
Sixty-four students (more than half of the cohort) met the requirement to be invited to the 'High Achievers' ceremony.
The students earned a massive 197 Band 5 and 6 results, with 17 published on the NSW list of 'Distinguished Achievers'.
Parents, staff, current senior students and community representatives were on hand to give the students the accolades they deserved.
The group was led by dux of the school Emma Peake, who received an ATAR of 96.7. Five other students - Annie Zhai, Daniel Morris, Hayley Millar, Antonia Mangos and Elly Georgiou - joined her in the top percentages of the statewide results.
Emma and Daniel spoke at the ceremony, urging the current senior students to ensure they have a study/life balance when organising themselves to achieve their best.
Past deputy principal Steve Schomberg, returned to give an address at the ceremony, highlighting how the results continue the long standing trend of academic excellence at Picnic Point, while new principal Sharon Byron is extremely impressed with the success and direction of the school.
"These young people have achieved amazing results in one of the most rigorous curriculums in the world," she said.
Well known for their leadership programs, sporting success and a range of other programs, will also perform a musical production of 'Hairspray' in April.

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