‘Stop gloating and spend on schools’

Shadow Minister for Education, Jihad Dib, with Opposition Leader and State MP for Auburn, Luke Foley, outside Auburn North Public School which is one of two schools in the electorate with individual maintenance backlogs of more than $1 million.

Story appeared in: Review | February 6th, 2017

IT will take 24 years to complete the exisiting backlog of maintenance at Auburn North Public School if the existing rate of funding continues, according to figures released by the State Opposition this week.
The figures from the Freedom of Information request, show the school is ranked as the fifth most "needy" school in the Sydney Metropolitan area, with a backlog of $2.1 million, and just $88,945 in funding allocated.
Opposition Leader and State MP for Auburn, Luke Foley, and Shadow Minister for Education, Jihad Dib, have called on the new Education Minister Rob Stokes to take immediate action.
Mr Foley said that in his electorate, 10 schools haf outstanding maintenance requests, with no school facing a backlog bill of less than $10,000 and five sitting on a backlog in excess of half a million dollars.
"If the new minister wants to make a name for himself, he can start right away and commit to fixing our local schools," he said.
"Our children deserve the best possible education and that means providing the best possible learning environment."
Mr Dib said he was "bitterly disappointed" to learn how little school principals have been granted to get repairs completed.
"This is a government that loves to gloat about its budget surplus," he said.
"It's time to stop boasting and spend some money on building schools and the repairing the ones that need it."

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