Memorial Day site significant

Story appeared in: Review | February 6th, 2017

ABOUT a dozen members of the Auburn RSL sub branch and their partners will be among those attending a National Servicemen's Memorial Day event at the Ingleburn Military Precinct on Sunday, February 12.
Auburn Sub branch treasurer Greg Read said the location of the commemoration event was significant because Ingleburn was where the first intake of national servicemen were inducted starting in February, 1951.
"It ran until 1972 and in the Auburn Sub Branch, we have had about 15 active members and another 30 retired members involved through national service," he said.
"Having it out there at Ingleburn shows the importance of the contribution these men and women made to Australia through their service.
"Those who completed national service did so at the same time as conflicts such those in Borneo, Korea and Vietnam were happening.
Some people served overseas and some did their service here in Australia.
"A lot of them were volunteers who were serving their country. You find most of the men did their service and went back to the community and continued with their lives."

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