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When you’re worth more than $200 million, you certainly know a thing or two about building a successful business. That’s exactly the case with mortgage lending tycoon, Mark Bouris. The Executive Chairman of The Yellow Brick Road Group, who grew up in Punchbowl, returned home today to take part in the City of Canterbury Bankstown’s Leaders’ Forum at Canterbury Hurlstone Park RSL. The Apprentice Australia host addressed 50 local entrepreneurs, CEOs and business owners and operators, sharing his secrets on how he established his first business, Wizard Home Loans, from scratch in Bankstown. “The people were grounded, they learnt good values, and everybody was trying to improve their lives. No one took anything for granted,” Mr Bouris said. The business mogul said the key to building his empire had always been looking at what people need and that was smart advice. “It was pure and simple demographics. My business is lending money and giving advice, and people in this district want to borrow money to buy homes and improve their retirement prospects,” he said. Looking towards the future, Mr Bouris advised local business leaders to target the region’s changing population. “The social economics and demographics of Canterbury-Bankstown are the perfect sweet spot for most businesses – young families, middle class, aspirational and open-minded,” he said. The Leaders’ Forum also involved business leaders participating in facilitated discussions to help Council develop a new five-year Economic Development Strategy for the City. Mr Colley said the major contributors to employment in Canterbury-Bankstown are the Manufacturing, Health Care, Retail, Education and Training, Accommodation, Food Services and Public Administration sectors. “Our new City is now geographically located in the centre of Sydney, and accommodates more than 350,000 residents and in excess of 30,000 businesses which employ 153,892 residents,” Mr Colley said. “Today was an opportunity for business leaders, to provide their thoughts on what direction Council should be taking to not only help grow their businesses, but support the local economy. “Council is committed to grow Canterbury-Bankstown through supporting business, increased employment, attracting investment and creating opportunities for economic progress.”

WHEN you're worth more than $200 million, you certainly know a thing or two about building a successful business.